Please don’t ever change


Haha I guess a lot of guys wished they could use an everstone on their girlfriend. I hopefully will never turn into an old raichu.

Airplane guy is a HUGE fan of pokemon. Huge is an understatement.

He was the one who made me realize I made a mistake. Pikachu needs a thunderstone to evoluate, thus he doesn’t need the everstone.



Pikachu and me


Airplane guy loves fluffy things. He puts it this way: since he’s so skinny, he loves to see cute things with a bit of meat on the bone. Thus his love for pikachu and… I guess.

He has a little figurine of pikachu that he has had forever and it’s one of his most precious belonging. His collection has been recently growing, with a t-shirt and a plush of pikachu that I gave him. Those were one of my most romantics gifts.

As you can see…I lack in the romantic department. But luckily for me he’s not too hard to please.


Airplane guy


He has a complicated name, so it always seemed easier to just call him Airplane guy.Now it sticks to him and all my friends call him that. I don’t even think they know his real name, which I find is kind of cute.

I get teased by my friends about how I met him. Some think I’m a bad ass player for getting a guy to fall for me on the plane, others think I’m a total weirdo.

We were seated next to each other on a transpacific flight in summer 2012. I thought he was pretty cute and tall. He thought I was pretty and studious with my Anne of Green Gables book. During the whole 12 hours flight, we kept talking and watching movies together.He was really caring, lending me his cushion and ordering juice for me.

When we arrived to destination, we each had to take another plane and he asked for my skype to keep in touch. The rest is history. He actually had to ask me out a few times and fly to my town to convince me that a long distance relationship could work. I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back since then.


The start of something new


For this coming year, I gave myself a challenge. Draw a bit every week to keep my skills up-to-date.

One of my biggest inspiration is my boyfriend. We have so much awesome memories that I wish to convey into drawings. So here goes: our stories. I will share with you the little bits of our relationship that contribute to my everyday happiness.

I prefer to tell you beforehand: It will be sappy and it will be very cheezy.