Haircut 2


The more I like someone, the more I have to tease them.  I can’t resist. As you can expect, Airplane guy is my number one victim. When he messes his haircut, I just have  to show him my affection and jump on the opportunity to poke his ego a little bit.






Airplane has this crazy fluffy hair. It grows really fast and looks like an asian afro. I often have to remind him to cut it.

Somehow, when he cuts his hair, he always gets spots that have shorter hair. He ends up cutting the rest of the hair shorter and in the end he just looks like he shaved it. After every new haircut he complains about how he’s almost bald and will lament about it for days.

A few weeks later, he will complain again about his long hair and proceed to cut his hair very short.

It’s a never ending cycle.


Getting comfortable (2)




I’m not the only one getting comfortable. Airplane guy always complains his appartment is too hot and that he needs to be half-naked. I think he is sometime using that as an excuse to show off his body.


Getting comfortable



Skype is our main way of communicating. I used to put a lot of efforts on my appearance during our skype sessions. I would never wear my glasses and made sure I was dressed nicely.  But now, I just roll out of my bed, wipe off the saliva on the corners of my mouth and call him.  Surprisingly he still thinks I’m cute as hell.

Hey, in my book, that’s true love.