Dragon ball saves the day


Airplane guy love dragon ball. It was one his favourite show growing up. I guess if he could go into super saiyan mode, that could save him a lot of trouble with this hair.





I seriously needs to learn how to cut hair so i can do it for him…..




Airplane guy lives alone and doesn’t like to cook for himself. He survives on instant noodles and snacks.

But when I’d visit him, he would make efforts to cook me elaborate meals. He would also suggest we go out for a romantic meal….at Kentucky’s.


Soft kitty


There’s not much to do as a couple when you’re in a long distance relationship. We try to do common activities such as watching tv shows together. We call each other and start an episode at the same time.

One of the tv show we like to watch together is Big Bang Theory. One of the favorite thing Airplane guy likes  about this show is the song Soft kitty, the one Sheldon’s mother sings to Sheldon when he is sick. He often asks me to sing him this song before going to bed.



Chocolate love


I have a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate. If I don’t get a daily dose of it, I grow grumpy and tired. I guess it’s my weird addiction. Airplane guy knows that and would buy my love by offering me chocolate for Christmas, valentine, my birthday etc.

Airplane guy never really loved chocolate as much as me. From where he is, it’s very warm and chocolate is not a popular snack as it melts too easily. He finds our food in Canada to be too sweet and heavy. He doesn’t even like cheese!

I’ve tried several time to convince him that chocolate is THE thing. I brought him to a restaurant, where they only serve chocolate desserts. He wasn’t a fan.

But when he discovered Nutella and chocolate milk, the tables turned. He would binge on it and put Nutella on everything. He has finally joined the dark side and we now share a common addiction.

Soon, it will be time to introduce him to THE next thing: cheese….