Why do guys cheat?


Of course this isn’t always true. I just wanted to highlight how Airplane guy is a commitment freak and is always thinking and planning our future ahead. Which is what attracted me to him at first.



We’re getting old


I’m about 6 months older than him. Airplane guy really worries about getting old. He is really scared to go bald and fat. But he doesn’t worry too much for me. He always make jokes about how low my boobies can go…

I haven’t worried too much about getting old. I have inherited the super asian genes that make you eternally look 16. I guess I’ll start panic when I finally look legal.




This our idea of a date: meeting on internet to play games.

We play different games such as cards, mah jong, boardgame dota etc

I must admit I’m quite competitive and most of our arguments are related to the games we play haha.

If you read this dear, I’m really sorry if I’m hard to handle with sometime.




Of course I wasn’t really mad. I just like to tease him a little bit. The funniest thing was his answer.

Airplane guy: I’m sorry honey. I will try not to cheat on you in your dreams again.

He is such a sweetie sometime, even when I’m being mean.