The loves man popcorn what can I say 😛





I’m a foodie. I love to eat food. I’m known at work as the girl who will eat anything at anytime of the day.

My parents have a coffee shop and when I go there to help during the weekends, I can hardly resist all the snacks there. Airplane guy loves to tease me about it, even though he finds it very cute.

Puppy love

Sketch204182818When you spend so much time on the phone, you always stumble upon weird topics.

Airplane guy doesn’t have a flat nose, to the contrary, his nose is pretty perky. He broke it a few years back, while he was playing basketball. He dislikes it,  but I find it gives him a little charm.

He adores pugs: they’re fluffy and have huge eyes. They also have that cute awkwardness. (Now that I think of it, I share more traits with pugs than him.)

I do not have a particular love for chihuahuas. They’re too feisty for me to handle. But we do have something in common: we’re tiny. Even though i’ve graduated and I’ve been working for nearly 1 year, because of my height I could easily pass for a elementary high school student . Which has its disadvantages and advantages.



Sketch140193948Airplane guy loves to sing songs to me. It’s one of his way to show me his love while we’re in a long distance relationship.

But he just won’t allow me to sing with him. Probably because I’m a very bad singer and ruin the mood.


Am I pretty?

Sketch4612751Airplane guy always like to complain that he is short even though he is 1m76. I’m almost a dwarf and my height is around 1m56, thus why I look underage.

He also likes to complain that he is heavy, even though I weight more than him. I’m a foodie and will eatl whatever that’s in my reach, even if it tastes bad and I’m full.