Puppy love

Sketch204182818When you spend so much time on the phone, you always stumble upon weird topics.

Airplane guy doesn’t have a flat nose, to the contrary, his nose is pretty perky. He broke it a few years back, while he was playing basketball. He dislikes it,  but I find it gives him a little charm.

He adores pugs: they’re fluffy and have huge eyes. They also have that cute awkwardness. (Now that I think of it, I share more traits with pugs than him.)

I do not have a particular love for chihuahuas. They’re too feisty for me to handle. But we do have something in common: we’re tiny. Even though i’ve graduated and I’ve been working for nearly 1 year, because of my height I could easily pass for a elementary high school student . Which has its disadvantages and advantages.



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