Wiggle Wiggle


The girl next to me is V., she is one of my best friends from college. I know her from her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend was a good friend of mine and I helped him pursue her. I was her neighbor, so I would approach her and collect information for my friend. Me and V. ended being amazing friends and this for almost 10 years now.

I really fell for Airplane guy eyebrows. He can make so much different faces just by moving his eyebrows.



Where is the fat?


I’ve got a lot of chin fat. Every time I ask him if I lost some weight, Airplane guy makes me do all sort of contortion with my neck.


Our baby


I gave him a seed with a heart engraved on it. When it grows up, the heart will appear on the first leaves of the plant. Sadly, it never made it that far and died.


Feed me I’m a pigeon


I just need to do the pigeon, aka flap my wings and coo to get him to feed me 😀