Chick flicks


Airplane guy is a super cheesy man and if he had it his way, we would be watching chick flicks every night.

I’m very different and would rather watch a good episode of Criminal minds.

N.B: By the time you’ll be reading this post. We’ll be together on an airplane on our way back to our home country. The next three weeks updates will be scheduled.





That’s the bachelor life, living on ramen. Airplane has been saving money for his big move to my city. It’s also an excuse for him not to cook. And not to wash dishes.


Too much meowing during movies



When it comes to watching movies or TV series, I can’t seem to shut up. I love guessing the ending and putting bets on if I’ll be right or not. I’m actually quite good at it!

Lucky for me Airplane guy has the patience of a monk  and is always willing to watch a movie with me. That’s awesome, or else, our long distance relationship would have ended a long time ago.





Merry christmas!


Belated merry Christmas!

Me and my boyfriend spent Christmas and New Year apart, but it doesn’t matter because….We’re closing the distance soon!! 🙂

I’m happy and nervous at the same time. We have been doing the long distance thing for about 2 years and a half and things have been great.It will be quite a change to have him around everyday and I hope we won’t be at each other’s throats. 

Airplane guy is under a lot a lot of pressure since he is the one moving. He has been busy selling his car and furnitures. Our plan is for him to move around April.

Also, in 3 weeks both of us are flying back to our place of birth (China). We’ll meet in Vancouver and fly together to Shanghai. (Yes, we’re Canadian o.o). We’ll be spending the Chinese New Year together and with our respective families. I’ll get to meet his parents for the first time and he’ll have to get the stamp of approval from my extended family.

We’ll also get to spend my birthday and Valentine’s day together too. The flight we’ll take back together to Canada will be actually the flight we met on (2012-08-16).

So there’s a lot of things awaiting us in 2016. Lot of changes and adventures. It’s both exciting and scary.

I wish for all you the same things and most importantly to be healthy and loved!




Disney princess


Airplane guy can be such a princess sometimes.