Meeting the parents


So during our vacations in our home country, I got to meet his parents for the first time. It’s a big step, since in our culture, meeting the parents pretty much means we’re ready to get married (which is not the case).

I was a bit worried, since I knew his dad was quite the character. Everything went quite well. I had an instant connection with his mother. It was like looking at a reflection of my older self. There’s probably some truth in the saying that men marry women like their mother. As of his dad, from our conversations, I think he likes me. A lot.

They were really nice. His mother cooked a lot of good dishes and his dad gave me a lot of presents. Later on, they treated me for food, went shopping with us, etc. We get along just well. I guess the next step would be them meeting my parents. *gulp* :S

They might end up super good friends and mah jong partners. We never know.

P.S: No, I didn’t come back engaged from my trip. My coworkers kept bugging me with that question..



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