First Valentines Together


We thought it would be really fun for our first Valentines together to go to the arcade.

It was crowded. There were so many people and a lot of them had arms full of plushies. We were pretty hyped up about getting one too, as a commemorative souvenir of our first Valentine’s date. 

Airplane guy bought for around 100 coins. The couple before us bought for 200 coins and we were joking that we didn’t need that much, as we are two gamers with awesome hand-eye coordination.

Turned out we were wrong.

We were able to grab the plushies, but the claws were sooo loose that everything we grabbed fell through.

We wasted the majority of our coins on trying to grab that cat. We came out of the arcade, one hour later, frustrated and empty handed.  And guess who we see at the entrance?

The 200 coins couple. With tons of plushies.


It was still a nice and memorable day. We still managed to have lots of fun (and great food). I’ll probably remember this date for a looong time.




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