Closing the distance


So it’s done, Airplane guy moved to my city. After 2 years and a half of dating, we finally closed the distance! It is really scary, but sooo worth it.

Everything worked out well. Airplane guy got to keep his job and will be working from home. He was also accepted to the college here, as he wants to further his education.

Yesterday he moved into his new apartment and I left work early to go shop with him at Ikea. It feels like we’re already an old couple.

So much awaits us, but I feel that as long I’m with him, we can face anything.



No post today

No post today since I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll upgrade something next week.

Have a nice weekend!


Bad photographers


Yeah…We’re terrible photographers and we never take good pictures of each other. We always have weird faces on, closed eyes, food all over the face etc. I’m always hesitant to show pictures of us to my friends, because we just look….terrible. We always manage to bring out each other flaws in the pictures…

On another note, Airplane guy is moving tomorrow! I’m so excited! I can barely contain myself. I already have a lot of dates and activities planned. Most of them involving food. (Oh boy am I going to gain weight).




It’s been a long snowy week (in april, yay canada) and I’ve been feeling a bit down. My motivation to draw is pretty low. I guess you can tell from the white background. Sigh…I can’t wait for spring!

I’m also really busy making all the arrangements for Airplane guy’s big move. Since we won’t be moving in together, I have been running around to find him a apartment. We found one really close to my place, which was his number one criteria.Next step is finding him furniture…

I still managed to draw a little something, but it isn’t my proudest work.


Unique pokemon


I’ve been pretty busy lately. Me and airplane guy have finally decided to close the distance. So in a few weeks, april 16th to be precise, Airplane guy will be moving to my city, hurray!

So Airplane guy applied to an university of my city, he was accepted as a free student and he will be starting school during summer. He also talked to his boss to tell her he’s leaving and they accepted to give him a part time job, where he could work from home.

On my part, I found him an apartment close to my place and will soon sign the lease.

So far, everything is working out.

This move will probably make or break our relationship. I’m both excited and apprehensive at the same time.