Relation challenge: Ikea


One of the first challenge we had to face as a couple was shopping at Ikea. Since his move here, Airplane guy has been living alone in his own apartment. He doesn’t have any furniture, so we had to buy everything all at once. So one day after work I went with him.

Ikea is one of my favorite store, it combines two things i love: cheap and pretty. It was fun shopping around and imagining how our future home would look like. But since Airplane guy is on a tight budget, we had to make choices and buy the cheapest and simplest furniture.

Finding the furniture in the warehouse was a totally different thing. I HATED it. We didn’t see the computers that help you find the furniture, so we tried to go through the warehouse and look through the different categories. Big mistake! We walked sooo much and didn’t find much, I swear shopping at Ikea should be a sport. It was the first time I was sore from walking. After a while we gave up and went hunting for the computers. But at that time I was already ready to be wheeled out of Ikea.

Finally, we had to bring everything home and assemble the furniture. I think it was the most fun part. It was like piecing a big puzzle together.

So far I’d say we work great as a team. Nothing in his apartment has fallen apart yet.



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