Working together


Ugh. Yes I admit, we’re just disgustingly cheesy like that.

We’ve developed all kind of  small quirks  since we closed the distance.

He is like my 3rd and 4th hands now. I don’t know how I used to be productive

when I was alone with only 2 hands.



What to Wear for Spring


I live in Canada and when spring comes, it gets really hard to decide what to wear. It can be super chilly in the morning and then extremely hot in the afternoon. Last week, It was so windy and cold that I had to take out my winter coat again. We even had some hail mixed with rain.

I don’t think I’m the only one confused, because when I take the subway I see two categories of people: 1) the overdressed and 2) the underdressed.

  1. The overdressed (including me): We’d rather be warm in the mornings and look crazy stupid with our big sweater and gloves in the hot afternoons. We don’t want to get ANOTHER cold.
  2. The underdressed: People who have had enough of the 6-months long winter and will wear their shorts no matter what. Because hell we only get to show off our legs 4 months a year!

There’s no good answer. No matter how we dress, we’ll be either hot or cold.


Btw: Can you find out how many mice there are?




Raining cats and dogs


On Sunday, I was volunteering for an event where we close down the city’s street, so people can ride their bicycle in the car-free streets. I was doing security, so had to be in town from 7AM to 2 PM.

I knew way ahead that it would rain and I was ready. I packed my rain poncho, umbrella, 2 pairs of socks and borrowed waterproof pants.

But boy, did I get wet. Rather than cats and dogs, it was raining tigers and pitbulls.

I swear I could have been naked and it wouldn’t have made any difference. I had so much water in my eyes, that I was kicking myself for not bringing my swimming goggles.

It was a completely miserable day, but the event was still a success and thousands of people were present.

I’ll go back as a volunteer next year for sure. If it rains, you bet I’ll wear a diving suit with a helmet.




Haha! He always teases me for having the least sexy underwear.

Comfort > Sexyness all the way.