Raining cats and dogs


On Sunday, I was volunteering for an event where we close down the city’s street, so people can ride their bicycle in the car-free streets. I was doing security, so had to be in town from 7AM to 2 PM.

I knew way ahead that it would rain and I was ready. I packed my rain poncho, umbrella, 2 pairs of socks and borrowed waterproof pants.

But boy, did I get wet. Rather than cats and dogs, it was raining tigers and pitbulls.

I swear I could have been naked and it wouldn’t have made any difference. I had so much water in my eyes, that I was kicking myself for not bringing my swimming goggles.

It was a completely miserable day, but the event was still a success and thousands of people were present.

I’ll go back as a volunteer next year for sure. If it rains, you bet I’ll wear a diving suit with a helmet.



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