Happy birthday!


This is the third year I get to celebrate Airplane guy’s birthday, but also the first we get to spend together in the same city. So it is quite a big deal.

I just want to dedicate this week’s comic to him. Happy birthday Airplane guy!




Through the ages (III) – Catch ball


When I was young PE class was my worst nightmare. When it came time to make teams, I was always the last one to be picked. It was really humiliating.

I hate sports. I just suck at it. The only thing I’m good at is catching ball, with my face.


Pokemon Go


Since none of us have data, Airplane guy has been dragging me to places with Wi-fi to chase after pokemons. I’ve never walked so much before…It’s even worst than walking in an Ikea.



Through the ages (II) – Food


Ahh my relationship with food has always been complicated.

When I was a child, I hated eating and would throw fits when dinner came around. My mom was always worried because I was always shorter and skinnier than the other kids. (well she was right, I turned out shorter than most adults, but not skinnier haha)

When I was a teenager, my appetite started to grow. My parents were so happy that I was willing to eat, that they bought whatever I wanted. I remember at one point I used to eat two mini-pizzas everyday before supper. I was a chubby teen who didn’t really care what I was putting in my tummy, as long it tasted good.

Now, as a young adult, I’m more aware of the importance of a good nutrition and my number one priority is to lead a healthy lifestyle. I don’t deprive myself, but I make better choices. I sure do miss those crazy meals I had when I was a teen though. It’s boring to be adult sometimes.




Through the ages (I) – Boys


My relationships with boys. Well….

As a child, my relationships with boys were pretty simple. If we liked each other, we would play together. I remember that I had a huge crush on a little boy named Simon. In our games, we would often pretend to be married.

In my teenage years, I had an ugly duckling phase. I would often get mocked about my appearance and it made me really shy around boys. I had problems just looking them in the eyes, let alone talking to them!

As a young adult, I met a boy that I have never expected to meet. He makes me feel unique, smart, beautiful, funny. Just like a princess.


N.B.: For the next few weeks, I have planned more through the ages series. I have sooo many any ideas and I’m really excited to put them into comics. Airplane guy probably won’t be always in them.

I’m trying gradually to turn this blog into a diary and less of a blog about my relationship. I mean since I’ve closed the distance with Airplane guy, I feel that the purpose of this blog is no longer to draw for him, but rather for myself.

My dream is to be able to keep up this blog till I won’t be able to hold a pencil anymore. These are not only drawings for me, they are my memories, my experiences. I love to look back at my drawings and  see how much I’ve accomplished. So hopefully I’ll keep this thing going and hopefully that people will continue to like what I put out there. 🙂