Through the ages (I) – Boys


My relationships with boys. Well….

As a child, my relationships with boys were pretty simple. If we liked each other, we would play together. I remember that I had a huge crush on a little boy named Simon. In our games, we would often pretend to be married.

In my teenage years, I had an ugly duckling phase. I would often get mocked about my appearance and it made me really shy around boys. I had problems just looking them in the eyes, let alone talking to them!

As a young adult, I met a boy that I have never expected to meet. He makes me feel unique, smart, beautiful, funny. Just like a princess.


N.B.: For the next few weeks, I have planned more through the ages series. I have sooo many any ideas and I’m really excited to put them into comics. Airplane guy probably won’t be always in them.

I’m trying gradually to turn this blog into a diary and less of a blog about my relationship. I mean since I’ve closed the distance with Airplane guy, I feel that the purpose of this blog is no longer to draw for him, but rather for myself.

My dream is to be able to keep up this blog till I won’t be able to hold a pencil anymore. These are not only drawings for me, they are my memories, my experiences. I love to look back at my drawings and  see how much I’ve accomplished. So hopefully I’ll keep this thing going and hopefully that people will continue to like what I put out there. 🙂


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