Through the ages (II) – Food


Ahh my relationship with food has always been complicated.

When I was a child, I hated eating and would throw fits when dinner came around. My mom was always worried because I was always shorter and skinnier than the other kids. (well she was right, I turned out shorter than most adults, but not skinnier haha)

When I was a teenager, my appetite started to grow. My parents were so happy that I was willing to eat, that they bought whatever I wanted. I remember at one point I used to eat two mini-pizzas everyday before supper. I was a chubby teen who didn’t really care what I was putting in my tummy, as long it tasted good.

Now, as a young adult, I’m more aware of the importance of a good nutrition and my number one priority is to lead a healthy lifestyle. I don’t deprive myself, but I make better choices. I sure do miss those crazy meals I had when I was a teen though. It’s boring to be adult sometimes.





4 thoughts on “Through the ages (II) – Food

    • xmoineaux says:

      Ugh it’s hard to be a short person D:
      When we gain weight it’s so much more obvious than tall people.

      And sadly, I didn’t inherit the super Asian genes to stay skinny. I really have to watch what I’m eating.

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