Holiday special – part (1)



So I invited a special guest for this holiday special: My boyfriend! I asked him to draw a meme with me that I found on Deviantart. After much convincing he agreed to do it.

Here’s our final product, part (1)!!  His art skills really surprised me!

Since I’ll be in Cuba till december 30th, the part (2) will be updated the week after (january 6th)!

I wish you all a very happy holiday and a happy new year! I’ll you guys in 2017!






BFF (2)




I think Airplane guy has a better relationship with my dad than me…




My boyfriend and my dad get along really well. I sometime feel like the third wheel.


Awkward (6) -The screamer


This happened during college. I had my ear buds in and was so into a game that I didn’t notice when the break was over.

I was screaming excitedly about winning the game in a total silent class. People thought I was crazy. I was nicknamed the screamer for the rest of the semester.

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