Culture differences (1) – Walking


I grew in North America while he grew up in Asia, but we’re from the same culture. I thought we would be on the same lengths on a lot of things. Right? Wrong. I’m still surprised at the difference of culture there is between us.

For example, he grew up in Asia where he hardly had to walk. Why go through the hassle of walking while you have public transport everywhere? While for me, I love walking. It’s healthy, it clears my mind and  sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

Our perspective of walking distance is really different: walking to a place that is 20 minutes away is close for me, for him it’s super far! He’d rather wait for a bus for 20 minutes, while I would prefer just walk over to the destination rather than wait for the bus.



We’re back!


Sorry it took me so much time to come back. I have been so busy with everything. Buying a house is only the first step. We almost have no furnitures or appliances. We’ve been going out every weekends to raid furnitures stores. I’m quite exhausted. Here I am hoping to be able to restart my regular updates.